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Welcome to SABAA GROUP,

SABAA is considered one of the fastest growing, research based pharmaceutical company in Egypt. It provides affordable generic medicines that enable people to live better, healthier and productive lives.odtülüler eryaman 

SABAA provides services for the developing countries which reflects its responsibility towards the community.

Our dream is to deliver essential drugs for critical health cases which might been unavailable due to importation limitation procedures, from everyday life with people all over the Arabian & African world


We-at-SABAA are dedicated to understand, fulfill, and nurture our customer with the highest, finest, most creative, most reliable product quality, which will enable us to be a financially strong and a well-established company in Egypt.Kiralık Asansör Ankara

We-at-SABAA are committed to introduce medicines for better, healthier and productive lives for our customers; this is the key to our business philosophy and mission.

We-at-SABAA create a healthy business environment by encouraging our staff to provide the best service, manage our resources and financial assets

We at-SABAA- don’t compromise our values to face upcoming challenges to fill the gap in the pharmaceutical market and to open up a world of replica watch uk better health.erotik izle hd

We –at SABAA- believe that our prime building blocks are not only state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, a strong product portfolio,a comprehensive operating plan and an experienced and dedicated management team, but also our employees and associates who are the key components of our strategy.

And last, but not least, we believe fake cartier tank watches that success will not come to us, but we must approach it wherever it is.

Sayed El bialy   Sahle Al Damrawi

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CEO               COO

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